JULY 4, 2015  – ORCA, MINKE & HUMPBACK WHALES!  This morning our boats travelled east and picked up J-pod off of Eagle Point on San Juan Island. J-27, Blackberry, came and swam right across our bow. On the way back they were able to pick up a baby humpback whale and watch it do a few good dives, displaying its fluke. And then, a minke whale showed up surprising everyone! In total our guests got to see three different whale species in one trip!

In the afternoon, with the sun out, our boats returned to San Juan Island. K-pod had swum down to meet up with J-pod so our guests got to see members from both pods. The Killer Whales were all in feeding mode, sending the salmon leaping into the air trying to escape. In particular Onyx and Doublestuff were very active breaching. Some females did some tail slapping and even a few spyhops. The new calf was also spotted swimming alongside its mother.

Another spectacular day spent out in the Salish Sea!

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