Who doesn't love a bay Killer Whale (L120)!
Who doesn’t love a bay Killer Whale (L120)!

After posting yesterday’s Captain’s Log, we thought it was pretty impossible to beat the amazing day we had. But today has to be up there with one of the most remarkable days of the season! Both the morning and afternoon trips were nothing short of spectacular!

We started the morning with what we like to call our triple creature feature! That’s when we see three types of whales in one trip. What was truly amazing about this ‘triple creature feature’ was that a Humpback, and members from two of the Southern Resident Killer Whale pods were less than a mile away from each other (and only about 5 miles away from the two Minke Whales). This means that the passengers on the boat could literally look one way and see one kind of whale and then look the other way to see another kind! The trip undoubtedly demonstrated why Victoria is world renowned for whale watching!

The afternoon’s trips were no less spectacular, as we again saw the two Minke Whales and members of both L and J-Pods. This time the highlight was little L120, born only a week or two ago. Seeing mother and calf is one thing, but having them (very intentionally) approach the boat is quite another. Captain Bill explained, “We were viewing the pair from a distance and then they turned and headed straight toward us. They were very intentionally approaching the boat and there was no time to manoeuvrer the boat out of the way. The engines were shut off, so we just stayed put while the mother and calf came up to the boat and swam right under us. It almost seemed as if she (mother L86) wanted to introduce us to her new baby. It was absolutely incredible!”

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