Trial Island Lighthouse

OCT 29 2014 – Sarah, one of two female Zodiac Skippers here at SpringTide, headed out at 10am for another adventure. Early on there were some reports of a Humpback sighting in Haro Strait, so she headed East! On the way to where the sightings were Sarah swept by the south end of Trial Island to show her guests one of the last manned lighthouses on this coast! The water was flat calm and the sun was shining, this was going to be a great trip! After a quick stop at Trial Island lighthouse, with a view of some cute harbour seals, Sarah took off East! But after about 20 minutes of searching there was no luck with the Humpback but Sarah had so much more to show her guests, this was a Wildlife Tour after all. So she headed towards Chatham and Discovery Islands. These two small islands are separated by a shallow, narrow channel called StrongTide Channel. This beautiful area is home to an array of marine birds like Harlequin ducks, Black Oyster Catchers, Cormorant and Canada Geese not to mention lots of Harbour Seals. As Sarah passed through StrongTide the guests could see right to the bottom, the water was so clear. They saw a huge amount of Sea Stars and some crabs. The seals came quite close and they even had a sighting of a Bald Eagle up above. Although the tour was going well Sarah was determined to show these guys a Humpback. She had a hunch and headed South West. Sure enough within 10 minutes the group were watching 2 Humpback Whales lunge feeding and spending all of their time at the surface. The guests were thrilled. Sarah has been Whale Watching for many years and has grown up on the Ocean. Her knowledge of this area led her straight to whales. What a gal and what a trip!

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