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This morning we headed North up Haro Straight as we had heard a report of Killer Whales North of Stuart Island. Once we arrived, they had moved into Swanson Channel just South of Pender Island. There, we saw two families of Transient Killer Whales, which were the T77s and T37As.

After spending time with these Transients, we headed back towards Victoria. On the way back, we encountered a number of Harbour seals hauled out on a small rock, including new pups born this spring!

Photo from the morning tour courtesy of Naturalist, Gord.

In the afternoon, our Covered vessel and Zodiac vessels didn’t have to travel far as the T49As were in Haro Strait traveling close to the shore. After some time they moved away from the shore towards Discovery Island.  In the open water between Victoria and Discovery Island they made a kill.  Probably a Harbour Porpoise although we never got a good look at the prey as most of the attack happened under water.


Photo from the afternoon tour, courtesy of Naturalist, Gord.

Overall, June 13th was an incredible day with amazing sightings!

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