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Transients hunting seals
Transients hunting Seals

We headed out of the harbour with news that there were Transient Killer Whales north of Discovery Island just a few kilometres east of Victoria.   Transient killer whales travel in small family groups led by the eldest female – usually the mother or grandmother of the other family members.  Transients eat other marine mammals primarily seals, porpoises and sea lions.  After a relatively short trip we were met by three families of transients traveling together – the T34s, the T37s and the T99s.  They were traveling close to the shore of Chatham Islands hunting for seals.  As they reached the southern end of Chatham Is. they swam towards the Chain Islets a group of small islets with a healthy population of seals including young pups just a few months old.  The killer whales stayed close to the rocks hoping to find a seal in the water.  They made several passes but all the seals were safely – they thought – out of the water on the rocks.  Seeing a seal close to the water’s edge 4 or 5 of the killer whales rushed towards the rock together creating a wave that washed the seal off the rock into the water. It was the last we saw of that seal!  After staying with the whales for a little longer we traveled down the west side of Discovery Island looking at more Harbour Seals on offshore rocks.   From there we went to Trial Island where we saw a Bald Eagle and more Harbour Seals.  Overall a great day on the water.

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