transients and humpbacks
Transient Killer Whale Breaching

JUNE 26, 2016 – It was a truly unforgettable day for whale watching here in Victoria. The weather was sunny and warm, and both the sky and water were a perfect shade of blue. The crew heard a report of some transient killer Whales near Race Rocks Marine Ecological Reserve and headed straight there. There were some huge males and a few cute calves. They were very playful; spy-hopping, breaching, and showing everyone their tail fluke! Our Captain and crew got some amazing photos of this experience (you can check these out on our Facebook page) and they all said it had been one of the best days whale watching they have ever experienced!

After spending some amazing time with these transients, the crew couldn’t resist heading off in the direction of two humpback whales when they heard news of them. How lucky to see transients and humpbacks in one trip! Humpback whales are true giants. They can grow up to 16 metres in length and weigh up to 30,000kg. They are also pretty easy to recognise with their distinctive body shop, knobbly head and long pectoral fins.

What a perfect day, we really couldn’t have asked for anything more!

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