Harry keeping one eye open while napping.

August 18, 2016 – What a gorgeous day! The sun was shining and the water was calm all day today – a much-appreciated perfect weather day! Marauder IV headed out to find transient killer whales just south of Victoria, moving steadily toward Race Rocks across the waterfront. The T37 group consists of three generations of whales, including grandma (T37), her two daughters, and her one grandchild. The little one stuck by mom when the group separated briefly, only to be called back by the matriarch. Mom and baby put on a great show, porpoising at high speed toward the others to regroup. We left them scoping out a potential snack of harbour porpoise and headed to check out their lunch buffet: Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Race Rocks was a noisy, smelly mess of Steller and California sea lions, juxtaposed by sleepy harbour seals and Harry the sea otter preening his face in a kelp bed and basking in the hot midday sun.

This afternoon, we caught the T37s again south-west of Race Rocks, having a siesta after likely picking off a few seals. Less than a mile away, a humpback whale’s 30-foot spout caught our attention. We spent a few minutes with the humpback, who didn’t seem to have any fear of the satiated killer whales nearby, before making the trip back to Victoria to enjoy a perfect summer evening.

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