A Transient at Sunset

August 22, 2016 – The morning tour began under a sunny sky. We left the Inner Harbour and headed south towards the US border. We cruised for a while looking for whales and eventually came upon a few porpoises, seals and sea lions on our way. Then we finally found them: the killer whales, our transient killer whales to be more precise, and a big group of them. There were a dozen and two families that we know well: the T10s and the T37s. They were staying in a very close group, popping out of the water all at the same time, which is a rare and gorgeous sight. On the way back to Victoria, we stopped at Race Rocks with its abundance of harbour seals, Steller and California sea lions.

In the afternoon, we headed west as we heard the transient killer whales we saw in the morning should be around Sooke. We were lucky to find them and enjoyed their company for a while. This time, they were hunting (probably seals or porpoises as those are their favourite preys). But what we were absolutely not expecting was to find two humpback whales very close to this group of killer whales (as transients can sometimes attack young humpback whales). So we had an afternoon fool of action with those 2 species on scene. It was then time to head back home for a nice evening in the city.

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