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What a day we had today.  We headed out at 1pm on StrongTide with Captain Ian.  Right away we received reports of a pod of Transient Killer Whales hunting seals off Speiden Island.  Captain Ian headed straight there.  The rain was mild and the water was calm.  When we reached the whales we saw them actively hunting.  It was a killing spree.  Birds kept coming down to pick off the left overs. There was a large male in the group, known as the T49A2. T49A2 breached and showed other playful behaviour such as tail slapping.

October was fantastic for whales sightings and so far November is looking even better ?  We are departing daily at 1pm on our high speed Zodiacs.  Come join us!


Also on the tour, the passengers got to see Harbour Seals (one of the primary food sources of the marine-mammal eating killer whales. 

Photo taken by naturalist Marcus. To see more photos from this tour, please visit our FaceBook Page here.

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