A Transient Killer Whale
A Transient Killer Whale

JUNE 17, 2015 – A pod of our Transient Killer Whales are back in the area! Over the past few weeks we had mostly been seeing our Resident Killer Whales, but today the marine mammal-eating Transients were back!

It was another beautiful sunny day, and our Zodiac with Skipper Stu headed off into the Gulf Islands with hints of Orcas coming our way. It was a little choppy, but our guests had a great time zooming over the waves as they headed to Beecher’s Bay where the whales had been spotted last. Sure enough, there they were, porpoising through the waves! Everyone had a great time watching the beautiful animals for over an hour before they headed back to Victoria.

In the afternoon, we had both Marauder with Captain Ian and 2 of our zodiacs head out to catch up with the fast moving Transients. We found them just off Spieden Island, north of San Juan Island and all our passengers watched the hunting Transients in action! Everyone came home quite happy.

Hopefully this amazing weather and spectacular wildlife viewing will continue!


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