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Transient Orca off Victoria
Transient Orca off Victoria

July 30 2018 – Today Transient Orca showed up to hunt!

This morning we headed south into Juan de Fuca Strait in choppy seas to look for whales.  We headed towards Constance Bank a known feeding ground of Humpback Whales.  On the way we saw the large black dorsal fin of a male Killer Whale.  It turned out to be a Transient Killer Whale known as T19B a member of the T18 family.  The family consists of the 44 year old whale T18 (Esperanza),  the 49 year old  T19 (Mooyah) and T19’s two sons T19B (Galiano) and T19C (Spouter).  The whales put on an impressive show surfing on waves, swimming fast against an ebbing tide and porpoising – coming part way out of the water while swimming fast.  Galiano (T19B) is distinctive for his large dorsal fin that leans to the left.  After spending time with this family we headed to Trial Island and the Chain Islets to look at Harbour Seals resting on the rocks.

Food for Transient Orca
Harbour Seals – Favourite food of Transient Orca

In the afternoon we headed north towards San Juan Island in Washington State.  After we left them the T18s had headed north up Haro Strait.  We caught up with them just south of San Juan Island and were treated to another impressive show.  They moved from the middle of the strait to close to the shore of San Juan Is. hunting for seals.  After getting many good looks at this family we headed to Discovery Island to look at Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles.

It sure was an exciting day of Whale Watching. We have lots more photos to show you from this trip. Just head to our Facebook Page to check them out!

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