T60's Transient Killer Whale Pod
T60’s Transient Killer Whale Pod
T60's Transient Killer Whale Pod
Dorsal Fins of 2 members of the T60’s Transient Killer Whale Pod
Sea Lions, Salish Sea, Victoria BC
Sea Lions playing amongst the waves near the San Juan Islands

November 23 2016 – It was an exciting trip out today with our 2 Captains, Ian and Yves on board the Zodiac! Early afternoon sunshine warmed us as we travelled southeast towards the San Juan Islands.  Navigating through Cattle Pass we headed for Whale Rocks Preserve.  The protected shoreline of these rocky islets attracts a large variety of Seabirds and is a haul-out for both Steller and California Sea Lions.  We watched the Sea Lion’s amusing antics as they played in the waters around us, super curious as they darted around each other popping up to look at us!

As the winds picked up and the clouds rolled in our boat sped across the 5′ waves!  It was very exciting and so much fun, a real West Coast adventure!  Suddenly news came in that a pod of Killer Whales had been spotted nearby.  Close to D’Arcy Island in the Haro Strait we met up with the T60’s Transient Killer Whale pod.  They were working their way south, slowly porpoising as they moved through the waters looking for food.  We were joined by a boat from the Center for Whale Research as they were investigating the pod’s behaviour.  For over 40 years this group of researchers and scientists has been studying the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population, as well as Transient Killer Whale pods as they pass through these waters.   More on their exceptional conservation efforts can be found on their website here.

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