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Bald Eagles with Victoria Whale Watching

APRIL 4 2017 – Another great day out there with lots of Whales and Wildlife!  Not only did Captain Mark find Transient Killer Whales in flat calm water but he also found a huge group of mature and immature Bald Eagles just resting on rocks close to Darcy Island.

It wasn’t as sunny as yesterday but luckily the wildlife doesn’t care about the weather.  By the time we got to the Transient Killer Whales the water was totally flat calm and the rain stayed away. On the way home Mark stopped off at Chatham Island to see some Harbour Seals before making the bumpy and super fun trip back across the waterfront.

Our passengers came home dry and super happy that they had seen Whales.  More pictures from today’s tour can be seen on our Facebook Page.

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