Dec 2 2015- What a spectacular day for sightings! Captain Ian headed out of the Victoria harbour towards Trial Island. Just off of the Victoria waterfront he came upon a pod of Transient killer whales at Constance Bank. At first there were four adult whales and a calf but soon after two more transients joined the group. Captain Ian believes that the two whales who joined later were from a separate pod. When the whales all came together they began to hunt, and it was quite a show! There was definitely a kill or two made by these whales and after they had lunch they celebrated with an amazing show of acrobatics! Several of the whales were breaching and  even cartwheeling! Our guests were sure in for a treat! The whales were not done though, after their fun they set to hunting again. The pod took off high-speed porpoising in search of their next meal, and sure enough they found it! There were several harbour porpoise in the waters at Constance Bank and it is more than likely a few of them were caught as prey by these impressive hunters. The combination of the high-speed hunts, breaches and cartwheels made this trip an amazing and unforgettable one!

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