AUGUST 19, 2015 – This morning our zodiacs travelled south and picked up two humpbacks. After viewing them surface and dive, showing off their flukes a few times, our boats got word of some transient killer whales south of race rocks. The zodiacs were on route to the transients when to their surprise some Pacific White Sided Dolphins started playing in the wake of our boats. Our two skippers Mark and Stuart had fun combining their two wakes to make an even bigger one for the dolphins to play in! Finally they continued onto the killer whales. This group of transients was amazing! There were two huge males, who both had massive chunks of their dorsal fins missing! One male did a full breach, clearing the water completely! On the way back our boats stopped at Race Rocks to view all the Steller and California sea lions. Such an incredible day on the water!

Orca near Victoria BC lone-orca-whales-victoria-bc Pod of killer whales near Victoria BC springtide-tours-orca-whale-watching

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