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APRIL 19 2017 – One group of transient killer whales was spotted today. Captain Mark took us out to Haro Strait where we met up with the pod of killer whales. The windy weather had made the sea wavy and both us and the killer whales were surfing the waves from time to time. It was so cool to see these majestic animals riding the waves. It was the T101’s that we saw, they consist of the old female T101 and her three sons T101A, T101B and T102. At one point all four whales came together and it seem that they were hunting, it lasted a couple of minutes and then they continued traveling. Possible giving up on whatever they were hunting. It was fun being out on the water today with killer whales and surfing the waves!

Transient killer whales in Haro Strait. Surfing the waves. Whale watching with Springtide.
Killer Whale 101A surfing a wave!

If you would like to see some pics of today’s trip head to our Facebook Page!


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