A Killer Whale surfacing

September 24, 2016 – In the morning, Marauder IV left Victoria and headed west to search for Whales. We arrived at Race Rocks, a beautiful ecological reserve, with plenty of seals and sea lions to observe. Those pinnipeds are preys for our transient population of killer whales who feed only on marine mammals. Well, it didn’t take us too long to hear about those Orcas. They were spotted close to Trial Island so we drove there and found a big group of them: around a dozen of individuals, males, females and babies. In this group there were probably two or three different families as the average size of a transient killer whale family is about 4-5 individuals. They were travelling very fast so we followed them for a while and enjoyed this beautiful pack group. Then we continued our cruise past Discovery and Chatham Islands. We found a different family of transient killer whales there: four adults looking for food. This provided a good opportunity to take pictures as orcas swim more slowly when they are hunting than when they are travelling. After a while spent with those cute little guys, we headed back home.

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