Transient Killer Whale Pod, Victoria BC
Transient Killer Whale Pod, the T60’s
Sea Lions at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, Victoria BC
Late Afternoon Sunshine & Sea Lions at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

November 17 2016 – Today we had an islet tour of the Victoria coastline! Starting at Chain Islands our journey took us by rocky outcrops covered with sprawling Harbour Seals, lounging in the early afternoon sun.  Seabirds were numerous here, drawn by the abundant food in the strong swirling currents; Glaucous-winged Gulls, Double Crested Cormorants and the striking black and white Pigeon Guillemots.  Continuing our navigation we passed Discovery Island, this Marine Provincial Park is a popular spot for hikers with rock pools, meadow and woodland to explore, plus it is home to a lone Sea Wolf!

Sweeping southwards out into the Strait of Georgia we were met with an absolutely stunning view of the snow-capped Olympic mountains rising above the low cloud banks.  Circling west towards Constance Bank several tall black dorsal fins were rising from the waves.  It was a Transient Killer Whale pod, the T60’s!

For some time we travelled with this group of Killer Whales before making our way to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. The sound of hundreds of Steller and California Sea Lions barking away, and the odour of these same marine mammals is formidable!  As the winter sun started to set we had a striking backdrop for our return to the city, a very fitting end to a fantastic afternoon on the water.


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