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It was an excited boat that headed out towards Protection Island, Washington, today and encountered not one but three families of Transient Orcas! There was even some tail slapping going on! One of these families, the T2C family, has a particularly special member. T2C2, affectionately known as “Tumbo”, is a 12 year old male with scoliosis of the spine. This makes it difficult for him to keep up with the group and means he cannot participate in hunts. However, Orca have highly developed social structures and family bonds are very strong. Sons stay with their mother’s into adulthood and it is Tumbo’s mother and siblings who take care of him. They make sure he can catch up if he falls behind and after a hunt they share the food with him. Without the support of his family, it is unlikely Tumbo would be able to survive. It is a testament to the complex social lives these animals lead. Thanks to Lawren Sullivan for capturing the shots below.


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