three whale species
Just Below the Surface!

August 4, 2016 – It was another wonderful day filled with plenty of sunshine and many excited passengers. We got to see three different species of whales on our tours today, and also lots of other marine wildlife. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Our morning tours began with a visit to the Trial Islands to look at some lazy little Harbour Seals lounging on the rocks. We soon encountered lots of humpback whales and even got an extremely rare look at a fin whale. Fin whales aren’t often seen in this area so everyone, especially our crew, were pretty excited. Fin whales are the second largest whale, after the blue whale.

In the afternoon, our tour started off with calm seas and another humpback. After some great views of this giant we travelled west and caught up with four Transient Killer Whales (2 females, 1 big male, and 1 calf). We turned off our engines so we could safely observe the Orcas but they decided they wanted a better look at us and swam right underneath our boat.  Very cool!

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