J-27 'Blackberry' - A male Southern Resident Killer Whale.
J-27 ‘Blackberry’ – A male Southern Resident Killer Whale.

The morning looked promising as the Marauder IV cruised towards San Juan Island under clear, sunny blue skies. As the boat arrived at Pile Point, guests caught their first few glimpses of our Southern Resident Killer Whales in the distance! Reports of J-Pod and K-Pod had been relayed over the radio, but as the boat arrived on scene the first whales to surface were L86, also known as Surprise!, and her new calf L120! All three Resident Orca pods (J, K and L pod) were intermixed and spread out along San Juan Island! Guests enjoyed an amazing view of L86 and her two-three week old calf, as the mother tail slapped and breached near the boat!

Later in the trip, guests got another exciting wildlife encounter when a baby harbour seal surfaced beside the boat, swimming all the way around it, as if to say ‘hello’.

A baby seal circling the boat.
A baby seal circling the boat.

The boat departed San Juan Island to head back to the dock, but not before one last view of two fully grown adult males K21, Cappuccino, and J27, Blackberry, who swam past with his little brother, J39 Mako. Guests got an enjoyable view of the Chain Islands covered in harbour seals on their way back to the dock, ending off an exciting day on the water!

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