July 10, 2015 – This morning our zodiacs headed out of the harbour expecting a long journey out to San Juan Island where our Resident Killer Whales are usually found, but they were in for quite a surprise! Members of J-Pod were right outside of the Victoria Harbour!! Granny, Satchi and the new baby were just off Ogden Point, along with Onyx from L-Pod and Lobo from K-Pod. The zodiacs spent a good hour or so following them as they travelled East.

The afternoon trips had Marauder join the 3 Zodiacs as they zoomed out to San Juan Island to catch up with J-Pod, K-Pod and even some members of L-Pod. The first whale we came across was one of the big males in L-Pod, Onyx. He wowed everyone with his tall, and impressive dorsal fin. We also spotted Satchi and the distinguished leader of J-Pod, Granny! The two females were swimming very fast heading North along the coast of the island. Satchi did one huge breach as we departed the scene, almost as if she was saying goodbye!

On the way home, we did a stop at Trial Island and spotted a whole bunch of Harbour Seals swimming around the rocks. There must have been almost ten little heads bobbing in the waves. What a special day to see all 3 pods!

Orca spyhopping in Victoria BC

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