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Transient Killer Whale

Apr 21, 2019 – One unlucky Rhinoceros Auklet got snapped up by a Transient Killer Whale on our trip today! In addition to this, our guests looked on as a Bald Eagle swept in, seemingly heading for the same Auklet, but it wasn’t quick enough! Isn’t this an amazing display of wildlife in their surroundings?!

Our boats headed towards Moresby Island today, where they came across the T49A Transient Killer Whale family! This family consists of T49A, the matriline, and her five healthy offspring. Her two eldest offspring have actually spent some time away from the pod, but they will always come back to visit their mother. One of her sons has been spotted travelling with his aunt, T49B and her offspring. The most recent addition to the family, T49A5 was born in late 2017 and can be seen in this photo, taken by one of our naturalists on the trip!

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