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Having had rain all morning and heavier rain forecast in the afternoon, we choose our time wisely and set off early afternoon on the Zodiac. There were large patches of blue sky and the sun was shining. We had great conditions for spotting wildlife.

Avoiding the rain on the Salish Sea. Photo taken by Captain Ian.


We headed towards Race Rocks as we had heard rumour of Whales being spotted. Soon enough, just east of Race Rocks, we were greeted with a blow, and then another blow, and then another.

Humpback Whales. Photo taken by Captain Ian with a zoom lens & heavily cropped


Humpback Whales! We spotted at least ten. It was really an incredible sight. We switched off the engine and even with every passenger looking in a different direction, continued to spot the Humpbacks.

Humpback Whale Tails. Photo taken by Captain Ian with a zoom lens and heavily cropped.


After spending time with these big beautiful Whales, and with huge smiles on our faces, we headed to Race Rocks. The luck continued as we spotted Seals & Sea Lions. They were also enjoying the break in the rain and were basking in the sun’s rays. We headed back to Victoria delighted with our trip, it’s not often that we spot so many Humpback Whales, what a treat!

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