Tail Slapping!
Tail Slapping!

July 19, 2016 – It was another beautiful day here in Victoria. We had plenty of happy guests, warm sunshine and lots of whale sightings.  Captain Dan left the inner harbour aboard our Covered Motor Yacht, the Marauder IV, while Skippers Mark and Greg each took out one of our speedy Zodiac vessels. They all had eager guests on-board who were keen to begin their Whale Watching Adventures and experience the beauty of the Salish Sea.

They headed into US waters near the San Juan Islands and found some Southern Resident Killer Whales. They were spread out very far as they cruised along the coastlines and we got some great views of their massive dorsal fins. One of our Skippers was lucky enough to see a female Killer Whale teaching her calf to hunt for Salmon. He described this experience as one of the coolest things he has seen all year, and said that watching these guys in action gave you an idea of just how powerful they are.  After the hunt (which was successful in the end) all were treated to a celebratory breach from one of the Killer Whales!

In the afternoon, our Zodiac passengers got to see three Porpoises jumping and showing off right in front of their boat.

It was an amazing day for us and our many guests!

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