tail flukes
Southern Resident Whale Tail Fluke

August 6th, 2016 – This morning, our Zodiac Vessels and our Covered Vessel, Marauder IV, made their way west out of Victoria’s Inner Harbour along the coast towards Sooke.  The Vessels passed Sooke, pushing west all the way to Sheringham Point and onwards towards Jordan River.  Upon arrival in the area, the boats were lucky enough to come across five members on L-Pod, one of the three pods of Southern Resident Killer Whales in the area.  The male in the group was identified by our onboard Biologists as Onyx L-87, accompanied by 4 females and a calf who even treated the guest to some incredible breaches!  The Zodiacs made their way towards Otter Point where they came across a Humpback Whale.  What a treat to see multiple kinds of Whales in one trip.  On the way back, the boats made a stop at Race Rocks, where the passengers got to take in some of the other fantastic wildlife that we find in our area; Harbour and Elephant Seals, Sea Lions, sea birds, and even some Porpoises!

This afternoon, our Vessels made their way west out of Victoria once again, stopping at Race Rocks to look at the same incredible array of wildlife.  South of Victoria, we came across a pair of Humpback Whales; this time, a mother and young calf who were sleepily swimming along, and then lazily diving and showing off their beautiful tail flukes to the passengers on board our boats.  It’s always very neat to see how incredibly large even the babies in the marine mammal world can be!  Once again, we were treated to some Porpoise swimming around the boats on our return to Victoria.  We also had an evening trip on our High-Speed Zodiacs today; Captain Ian and his passengers came across the same Humpback Whales from earlier in the day.  The water was flat calm and made for a beautiful backdrop to the blows from the Whales and tail flukes as they dove.

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