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Southern smoke and west coast fog are still creating a mysterious glamour around the Victoria area. Whilst the city appears rather normal, once an excursion on the water is underway the eerie quality of the surrounding ocean envelopes the Maruader IV. Never to be daunted, our intrepid Captain continues forth in search of wildlife.

Show us what you’re workin’ with! Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.

Lo’ and behold, he delivers! A humpback whale comes to the surface with a flurry of water droplets as it expels breath from it’s massive lungs. With all the drama it can muster, the whale dives down to prove just how long it can hold its breath as we hold ours waiting for this beautiful animal to resurface.

A pinnacle of pinniped postures. Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.

The space between whale sightings is filled with curious little creatures – pinnipeds! This family of mammals includes several of our favorite locals like these Stellar Sea Lions. These little guys are actually far from small. Weighing in at a whopping 2500 pounds males can be 2-3 times the size of females. They still have cute faces though!

Grrrrrrrrr…………Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.

Except for this guy, maybe. This is the look of someone feeling a little hangry. Luckily Race Rocks provides for its residents with an abundance of food!

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