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We were searching as we headed south towards Port Angeles when suddenly three Bigg’s orcas showed up a few minutes away from us. When we got on scene, it did not take long to notice the very unique dorsal fin of T37A4 Crinkle. That helped us figure out that the other two whales were T37A, Crinkle’s mum Volker, and T37A2, one of Crinkle’s brothers Inky. Volker has 5 children total, 4 of which usually travel with her.

We can see from photos submitted on the database Finwave that T37A3 Spinnaker was travelling with the T65As a couple days before this encounter, but not sure what Volker’s youngest T37A5 Jib has been up to. This family does split up more frequently than is common, and it reminds us that every pod and every individual is different!

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