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May 1 2019- A surprisingly calm day on the water was perfect for spotting Harbour Porpoises!

With strong winds forecasted we expected a wet and wild adventure aboard the Zodiac with Captain Marty. Instead it turned out to be a smooth and beautiful day on the water.

We departed from Victoria Harbour and, with the wind at our backs, we headed for the protected waters of Haro Strait. In the calm waters of the strait we were able to spot a couple of elusive Harbour Porpoises. With a dorsal fin only six inches tall, any swell makes this animal hard to spot. Their shy personalities also mean they don’t stick around when we slow down to watch them. Our passengers were lucky to spot such a sneaky little animal (they are less than 6ft long!).

In addition to the Harbour Porpoises, our trip was full of wildlife including several Harbour Seals, resting on rocks near Discovery Island. We saw multiple bald eagles and we even spotted some Mouflon Sheep (similar to big horn sheep) on Spieden Island. How exciting!

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