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MAY 31 2018 – What an amazing day it was today! On the morning tour we went the extra mile to meet up with two groups of Transient Killer Whales including the T101’s family. The T101’s always seem to take our breath away with the three mature males traveling with their mother! Today the whales were feeling great as they decided to do some surfing in the wake of a passing boat! We got front seats for this fantastic surfing display! As the wake subsided the whales slowed down and we got to watch as they slowly continued about their day. What an experience!

In the afternoon we were delighted to catch up with a different group of Transient Killer Whales and had a wonderful encounter with them as they were traveling through the area. After leaving the Killer Whales we caught up with some Humpback Whales! A juvenile was present and to our amazement decided to test its breaching skills! What an amazing afternoon!

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The three brothers of the T101’s.

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