Traveling resident pod with calves
Resident Pod with calf seen from Marauder’s trip today

JUNE 13, 2015- All three of our resident Killer Whale pods were in the area today! Our morning vessels had the opportunity to witness one of the baby calves from L-Pod learning how to breach, under the watchful eye of its mother. It was amazing to watch the young whale repeatedly attempting the technique, and then finally managing to get its body into the air!!

This afternoon we saw L-Pod and K-Pod travelling together, and with the blue skies and calm waters it made for quite a magical moment. Both our morning and afternoon trips also spent some time with our Humpback, Big Momma!

Our trip through Race Rocks turned out to be a great success as we spotted our sea otter friend Harry, frolicking in the kelp! There was also a HUGE male elephant seal hanging around! What a fabulous day!

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