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Passengers today got to enjoy sunny skies and Humpback Whale sightings.

We headed out in fairly calm seas and headed west towards Race Rocks, an ecological reserve with abundant marine life.  On the way we spotted a Humpback Whale and stopped to have a look.  After watching this whale so a while we headed south as another boat had reported two Humpbacks a short distance away.   While traveling towards the whales we spotted two more whales a short distance off our starboard side so stopped to have a look.  These whales were traveling slowly, surfacing often, giving us many good looks at them.  After spending time with these giants we traveled to Race Rocks ecological reserve where we saw California Sea Lions, Steller Sea Lions, Harbour seals, a Bald Eagle and many sea birds. All in all a great trip.

sunny skies and Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale diving down deep

In the afternoon the wind was picking up as we headed west and found two Humpbacks who surfaced and dove repeatedly giving us ample opportunity for good views and photos.  After another visit to Race Rocks we headed out into Juan de Fuca Strait and found another Humpback. We headed back to Victoria after another successful trip.

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