Orca Male - close up!
Killer Whale – close up!

APRIL 7, 2016 – What a gorgeous day to be out on the water!! After cruising through our beautiful Inner Harbour, Captain Ian and his Zodiac passengers turned northwards! In between Sydney Island and Darcy Island, they found a group of Transient Killer Whales!

Transient Killer Whales eat predominantly mammals, and tend to be slightly larger than our Resident Killer Whales. They also travel in smaller pods than the Residents. The group that Captain Ian and his passengers saw was comprised of two large males, a few females, and one juvenile. A couple of the whales were also having a look at us – spy hopping and passing close enough to the boat that we had to stop our engines and wait until they were done with us!

On the way home, we stopped at the fabulous Trial Islands and spotted some Pacific Harbour Seals – a tasty snack for a Transient Killer Whale!

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