summer on the salish sea
A Beautiful Humpback Whale

JUNE 29, 2016 – It was an amazingly beautiful day here in Victoria. The sun was shining brightly and the skies and water were crystal clear. Summer is truly here! Captain Dave and Skipper Mark headed out southwest in the morning to find three humpback whales. They treated everyone to their fantastic breaches. The passengers and crew also got to see their huge pectoral fins and massive tails. The beautiful Olympic Mountain ranges and Mt. Baker in the distance made for an excellent backdrop.

In the afternoon, Skipper Marty set out onto the Salish Sea with a group of eager passengers and this time came across some transient killer whales! They found them at Kelp Reef and followed as they travelled up towards Trial Island. It looked like the transients were in mid-hunt, chasing some poor little seals.

Throughout the day our guests also got to see seals (who were not being hunted) and a few bald eagles perched high up in some trees. It was yet another amazing day for us on the Salish Sea!

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