There’s a shot we don’t get everyday!

JULY 28, 2015 –  Our SRKW –  Orcas – returned to San Juan Island today and we had another amazing visit with them in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.   Our boats headed east and caught up with one of our pods of orcas at Hannah Heights on San Juan Island.

On the way home, our onboard naturalists pulled in some of our bull whip kelp to let the brave passengers give it a taste while they talked about this fast growing brown algae which is so instrumental in our ecology. We always try and bring in this kelp for our guests to sample, while discussing its importance in our oceans and how much it is used in our day to day lives.

In the afternoon, we were alongside a some of our large male orcas, including Blackberry and Double Stuf. As we began heading back to the harbour, one of the males breached high into  the air! We couldn’t have asked for a better day on the water.

DSC_3078 DSC_3088

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