Spyhopping transients
Spyhopping Transients – Photo Courtesy of Jim Cosgrove

September 2, 2016 – We were fortunate to leave the Inner Harbour in the morning right after the rain stopped. We headed west towards Sooke as we heard they might be some killer whales in the area. And we found them: two families of transient killer whales, about a dozen in total. We knew these two families well: the T60s and the T37s. They were obviously looking for food and we saw them hunting (probably harbor seals or porpoises). We even had the chance to see one of the big males spyhopping three times. On the way back to Victoria, we found two humpback whales also looking for food. We stayed with them a little while, saw them diving a few times then it was time to head to Race Rocks with its abundance of harbor seals, Steller and California sea lions.

In the afternoon, we drove directly to the same group of transient killer whales we saw in the morning as we knew they were swimming east. We found them south of Victoria and enjoyed their company for a while. This time, they were also hunting. We saw some of them with big chunks of food in their mouths and the same male spyhopped once more. We then drove north to Trial island to pick bull kelp (the second fastest growing kelp in the world and very important ecosystem for the Salish sea) to show the passengers. It was then time to head back home for a nice evening in the city.

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