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A beautiful breezy day on the water!

Humpback named “Split Fin” Photo by Captain Marty, image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

Our morning tours had a great day on the water with hundreds of Harbour Porpoises. Harbour Porpoises are shy and often disappear as quickly as they appear. Passengers were lucky to see so many all around the boat!

Harbour Porpoise
Harbour Porpoise, Photo by Volunteer Robin, taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

Harbour Porpoises are the smallest cetaceans that we see on our tours, at only six feet long. Harbour Porpoises are special because they are one of the seven species of true porpoises that exist worldwide. Another true porpoise is the nearly-extinct Vaquita.

Whale watch passengers with seals
Seals and Sea Lions sun themselves on Race Rocks as passengers look on, photo by Skipper in Training, Trina.

Morning passengers were also  treated to some Harbour Seals and Sea Lions sunning themselves at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.

Humpback Whale dorsal fin
Humpback whale dorsal fin and ‘hump’. Photo by Skipper in Training Trina. Image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

The highlight of the afternoon tour was a Humpback Whale named ‘Split Fin’. Humpback whales are identifiable by the patterns on the underside of their tails. The black and white on a Humpback’s tail flukes are as unique as a fingerprint.

Humpback Whale Split Fin
Humpback Whale ‘Split Fin’ shows their flukes, Photo by Volunteer Robin, taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

‘Split Fin’ would surface for 4-5 breaths before diving for about 10 minutes. Before each dive ‘Split Fin’ would raise their tail and show their flukes, a common behaviour for Humpback Whales. What a great day on the water!

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