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AUGUST 17 2018- The mighty Humpback Whales that we have out in the strait were extra numerous today. In the morning we found several individuals far south.

The afternoon started with a familiar Humpback Whale, “Split fin”. This whale have been very stationary the last couple of weeks feeding in the area between Race Rocks Lighthouse and Victoria. Split Fin has a very distinguishable dorsal fin that has been split due to a an old injury, giving the whale its name “Split Fin”.

Before heading home, our tours made a stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to catch a glimpse of some California and Steller Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, and even Harry Otter, the local resident Sea Otter.

Humpback whale going for a deeper dive, both flukes visible
‘Harry Otter’ looking very happy in his bed of Bull Kelp

Photos (taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped) by naturalist Marcus and Chief mate Yves. #Springtide #WhaleWatching #Humpbacks

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