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OCTOBER 29 2017 – THE SPECIAL T2C’S ORCAS! A beautiful day out at sea. Our zodiac StrongTide went out in search for marine wildlife. We headed far east to San Juan Island in Washington state. On scene we had a family of transient orcas! It was a family of 5 and a family we know very well called the T2C family. This family is special in many ways, the mother T2C is the daughter of T2 one of the very first transient orcas recognized in our waters. T2 is now gone but her daughter and her family lives on! In this family we also have T2C2 “Tumbo” the 12 year old son to T2C, “Tumbo” is handicapped with Scoliosis (curved spine syndrome). He can’t travel as fast as the rest of the family or hunt for himself but because of orcas strong family bonds and group living “Tumbo” is doing great being taken care of his mother and siblings. His older brother T2C1 “Rocky” is almost fully grown and gaining an impressive size!

transient orca T2C's
Transient orca T2C3 “Lucy” 6 years old.

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