Southern Residents
Southern Residents at Play!

August 3, 2016 – The sun was shining and the skies were clear as we set out on our Whale Watching tours today. Our day was full of Whales, Marine Wildlife, happy crew and lots of excited passengers.  Race Rocks was the first stop. We got to see lots of Seals, Sea Lions and a big fat Elephant Seal. We were also treated to a visit by some massive Humpback Whales on our morning tours.

In the afternoon, we ventured into the Juan De Fuca Straight and came across Southern Residents J Pod and L pod, two of our Killer Whale Pods. They were putting on a great show and spending lots of time at the surface, porpoising, breaching and tail slapping! It was a truly amazing experience.

After spending some time with the Killer Whales (and getting plenty of amazing photographs), we went south in search of Humpback Whales and we came across three! There was Big Mama with her little calf, and Yogi, a Humpback we have seen a few times now who always seems to be interested in our boats. We turned our engines and observed these giants from a distance when Yogi decided to come and have a closer look at us. He surfaced right next to the boat and even sprayed some lucky/unlucky passengers when he exhaled!

On the way back to Victoria Inner Harbour we came across J Pod and L Pod again, the second time in one trip!

What an amazing day! See more picture of the day by visiting our Facebook Page!

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