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AUGUST 8 2017 – The southern resident killer whales of L-pod was on the move this morning and they traveled west out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We followed them passed Race Rock lighthouse. Close look of our favorite L92 “Crewser” one of the big males in L-pod. In the afternoon our zodiacs met up with the orcas further out and our covered vessel Marauder was with two big humpback whales! One of them breached in the distance on our way back.

Of the orcas we saw:

L92 “Crewser” a 22 year old male. Easily recognized by his curvy dorsal fin. He is our favorite among the crew on board Marauder!

L91 “Muncher” and her young son L122 “Magic” born in September 2015. Only 2 years old! “Magic” is L91’s first calf and we were happy to see them again!

L105 “Fluke” 13 years old. “Fluke” was seen with his mom L72 “Racer” next to him. Hi has just started to sprout meaning he is growing big, that dorsal fin will continue growing tall to 2 meters! “Racer” and “Fluke” lost their brother and uncle L95 “Nigel” last year, he was one of the big males in L-pod and sadly died after getting an infection from a tag placed by researchers. A sad story from last year.

L83 “Moonlight” born 1990 and her son L110 “Midnight” just going down below surface. “Midnight” is 10 years old and still a young teenager.

L92 Crewser with L-pod orcas Springtide whale watching
L92 “Crewser” 22 years old and a big male in L-pod!

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