Southern Resident Killer Whales
Southern Resident Killer Whales-Nov 14

NOV 14 2015 – Today we saw all three pods of Southern Resident Killer Whales just south of Sooke, BC.  It was another great day.  Captain Ian headed south towards the Olympic Peninsula and sped right by Race Rocks in search of Killer Whales that had been reported earlier.  Within a short time Ian had come across J Pod, K Pod and L Pod.  They were moving west slowly and our guests even got glimpses of the new babies from J Pod.  The Whales were tail slapping, pec slapping and even breaching.  It was a great show for our guests.

On the way home Ian found not one, not two, but three Humpback Whales.  There has been a lot of Humpback Whales in the area this fall so it doesn’t surprise us that we bumped in to so many today 🙂

We ended our trip with a visit to Race Rocks.  We saw many Steller and California Sea Lions and some cute little Harbour Seals. It was a great trip and our passengers got to see everything they wanted and more!

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