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February 18 2019 – Today our Skipper Mark Williams headed North in search of Whales and other Wildlife and boy oh boy did he find just that!  On the way out of the harbour Mark headed east.  He first stopped at Chatham Island to show his guests spectacular views and some cute little Harbour Seals.  It was a quick stop before heading north to reports of J Pod!

After a while travelling through calm waters in Haro Strait Mark finally reached East Point to find a foraging J Pod.  It was great to see the Southern Resident Killer Whales foraging for food and mostly looking healthy.  Our guests were delighted to experience seeing Killer Whales in the wild where they belong.

On the way home, Mark stopped at Boiling Reef to have a look at the huge Steller Sea Lions resting on the rocks.  They also made a stop at the Chain Islands just off Oak Bay.  They were lucky enough to see some Bald Eagles on the trip too.  All in all a wildlife packed tour on a crisp calm day in February!

We run tours year round here at SpringTide.  Our high season for Whale Watching is from April to October but as you can see from our Captain’s Logs we are also lucky to spot whales on our Marine Wildlife Tours from November to March.  If you would like to reserve a tour we would love to have you.  Just click here to book your next adventure with us!

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