Spyhopping Resident Killer Whale
Spyhopping Southern Resident Killer Whale
Resident Baby Orca
Southern Resident Killer Whales with Baby in Haro Strait
Humpback Whale and Seabirds feeding
Humpback Whale and Seabirds feeding on a bait ball

November 25 2016 – A wonderful surprise met us today as reports that the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales had been spotted!  On our way out we travelled via the Chain Islands, close to Oak Bay.  Just south of these rocky islets a Humpback Whale was feeding.  Numerous Seabirds circled above a large bait ball of herring and we had a perfect view as the Humpback dove straight through the school of fish!  We watched the feeding frenzy for awhile before travelling east and around Discovery Island.  Circling around the island we came across members of both the J and K Resident Killer Whale pods out in the Haro Strait.  It was fantastic to see such a large group plus a resident baby Orca, and to watch them spyhopping as they took a look at us as well!

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