Seals for Flat Sheet
Harbour Seals

Skipper Stuart headed out this afternoon with guests from Germany, America and Thailand! The adventure started with 2 Humpbacks Whales very close to Victoria. As the tour went on, just like the days before, more and more Humpback Whales popped up. It was like Whale Soup out there. The guests watched in amazement as these huge animals surfaced time and time again. But SpringTide’s tours aren’t just about looking at the same animal for 3 hours. We want to excite our guests and show them all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Stuart headed to William Head where he showed his guests some lazy Harbour Seals, he then headed to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. He saw at least 5 huge Elephant Seals lazing around on the boat ramp below the lighthouse. They also saw hundreds of Steller and California Sea Lions on their trip. All in all a super exciting and successful day for Skipper Stu and his guests!

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