As is typical for September, we spent the morning out with Humpbacks and Transient Killer Whales. We met the two Humpbacks first, just southeast of Race Rocks. The pair where quite relaxed, but we did get two great tail flukes and a few friendly waves of the pectoral fin.  We then met up with a group of Transient Killer Whales (T’s). This group of T’s were a little elusive, so we moved on toward another group slightly further west. The second set of T’s were located near Beecher Bay and were much more active. There were six animals in the group, and despite the fact that they were travelling at high speed, we had fantastic viewing with lots of different social behaviours, including porpoising, tail lobs and spyhops.

In the afternoon we again caught up with the group of six Transient Killer Whales by Beecher Bay. This time they had made a kill and were clearly hungry for more. We followed the group around to Secretary Island, where they managed to make another kill in sight of our passengers. It was a gory scene, but once again pointed out that these animals are apex predators. On they way back to the Harbour we had time to stop by and see the two Humpbacks from the morning trip. While the whales are what really made today great, the weather was also just gorgeous with clear skies and lots of sun!

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