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SpringTide Whale Watching

Apr 7, 2019 – A sight not very often witnessed – a Grey Whale! Skipper Mark and our guests spotted a Grey Whale surfacing near Discovery Island this afternoon. Grey whales can weigh up to 35 tonnes, which is the same as five male African elephants stacked on top of each other. Good grief! Despite their massive size, Grey whales feed on tiny critters, such as amphipods, worms and crab larvae that live on or near the seabed. They’re just like giant vacuum cleaners!

After spending some time with this gentle giant, Mark took our passengers in search of some other marine wildlife. They saw plenty of Seals and Sea Lions, along with many juvenile Bald Eagles! Young Bald Eagles are quite the adventurers. They can fly hundreds of miles per day, allowing them to discover great amounts of the vast landscapes around them.

All of this wildlife spotting was only made better by the wonderful sunshine that accompanied our guests on their tour. What a beautiful way to spend an April day!

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