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A Steller Sea Lion devours an Octopus!

March 5 2019 – Another beautiful day on the water today watching lots of wildlife including Seals, Porpoise and Sea Lions.  Captain Mark led an excited bunch south and then west in search of wildlife.  Mark knows these waters very well and knows all the best spots to search for marine mammals.  He cruised along the shoreline from Victoria to Sooke stopping at all the hot spots including Sooke Bluffs, Trap Shack and Whirl Bay.  Once in the Sooke area the group came across a pod of Harbour Porpoise and many Sea Lions feeding on a school of fish.  Mark wasn’t sure what fish they were eating but knew there must have been a lot because of the activity of the mammals.

The group also came close to multiple Bald Eagles that were resting on the shoreline.  West of Victoria is just stunning and Mark manages to bring the Zodiac boat in to small inlets, bays and coves showing off the best of our coast.

On the way home he stopped at the popular spot of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  This location at this time of year is home to hundreds of Seals, Sea Lions and scores of marine birds.  We even spot Sea Otters here every now and then.  Our guests had a blast on their Marine Wildlife Tour and are excited to come back and join us in the summer months for one of our Whale Watching tours.

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