sea lions
Sea Lions in the Sun!

August 1, 2016 – Today was a wonderful day for whale watching out on the Salish Sea. We departed the Inner Harbour under sunny skies and headed south. After searching for a while we finally came across a Humpback Whale. We spent a lot of time with this giant beast, watching as it dived and surfaced over and over. We then headed over toward Race Rocks where we found close to 100 Sea Lions! Some of them were swimming around and others were lounging on the rocks and enjoying the wonderful sunshine. There were also plenty of Harbour Seals and Sea Birds in the area. In the afternoon we ventured into the Juan De Fuca Straight and found Big Mama and her calf (a mother and her baby Humpback who have been in the area for many months now). They were spending lots of time at the surface and at one point we even got to see them nursing!

On both trips, Captain Dan and the crew also stopped to fish some Bull Kelp out of the water for brave passengers to try. It is very salty, but not actually that bad. Kelp is used in over 100 everyday items, such as toothpaste, lipstick, ice cream and hair conditioner!

It was another great day for us and our many happy passengers.

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