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humpback tail

May 18, 2019 – Hearing the breaths of a Humpback Whale is an incredibly magical experience. That’s what our guests witnessed on our trip today with Captain Ian. Heading out of Victoria’s harbour towards Salmon Bank, with a beautiful view of Mount Baker and the Olympic Mountain Range, our guests set off on their quest to find whales and other wildlife.

Soon after, the distinctive noise of a Humpback blow was heard in the calm waters, and once spotted, Captain Ian quickly realized it was Scratchy, a well known Humpback Whale in the area. She gained this name due to the rake marks on both sides of her tail flukes, likely caused by the teeth of a Killer Whale!

After spending some quality time watching her feed along the edge of the sand bank, our guests headed back towards Victoria and came across a very large group of Sea Lions and hundreds of Harbour Porpoises in the Haro Strait!

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